Succulent Sushi on Saturday

I am a frequent sushi eater as well as someone who teeters on being a pescetarian. Lucky enough, Los Angeles has an abundance of sushi restaurants and is the home of whats known as “Sushi Row” in the San Fernando valley.

Depending on preference, one might go for the typical hip and posh LA nightlife eatery that offers a basic menu with an up charge simply because it’s the trendy place to be. On the other hand, one with a refined palate, who is savvy about high quality fish would choose somewhere much different. Now, I don’t mind paying a premium for quality, and as a matter of fact, I think it’s completely justifiable to see higher prices for a top grade product. It all goes back to “You get what you pay for” and I am a firm believer in that!

When it comes to Sushi and/or Japanese restaurants, I can skip the glitz and glam in exchange for a quaint and cozy location that offers good quality fish. In my experience, it seems as though the more low-key a sushi restaurant is, the better quality the food is.

A place I enjoy going to is Sugar Fish by Sushi Nozawa. Its located in an unsuspecting corner plaza on whats known as “Sushi row” on Ventura blvd.  “Sushi Row” is a one mile stretch of LA’s highly acclaimed sushi restaurants.

Sugar Fish is consistent quality of high end sushi deliciousness. The sushi is succulent and will melt in your mouth. This place is a must try and will not disappoint.

Perfect Pink scallops and tuna sashimi are true delights.

IMG_9828 IMG_9831



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