My version of a Sunday Fun-day

Every Sunday, The Hollywood Farmers Market is up and running like a well oiled machine.  Sustainable Economic Enterprises of Los Angeles (SEE-LA) puts up and amazing spread of various vendors which are small or mid size farmers located in California.

Since we are local, we take advantage of this amazing production as often as we can. It gives us an opportunity to get our grocery shopping done as well as have a nice Sunday outing. Not to mention I am in favor of supporting small businesses that promote sustainable food systems.

I also enjoy a healthy and balanced lifestyle and what we have realized the past couple of years is that it all starts with what food is on our fork.

Visually, the outdoor market is just lovely! Venders have filled the street with an array of beautifully colored fruits and veggies which I enjoy admiring.  As you can see I have photographed some of my favorite findings of the morning.

Luscious layers of Salanova lettuce, rich romanesco broccoli, purple cauliflower and globe artichokes. This is Real food!

IMG_0566 IMG_0567 IMG_0568 IMG_0570

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