Jewelry maker Tiffany and Co. unveils new ad campaign

What comes to fruition when you mix an amazing fashion photographer and an iconic jewelry brand? The new ad campaign that jewelry maker Tiffany and Co. unveiled entitled “Will You”. It features modern-day couples in modern-day situations and for the first time showcases a real life same-sex couple. The ad shot by fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh consists of seven scenes that illustrate romance in todays era. Not only do I love Tiffany, but I am OBSESSED with Peter Lindbergh! If you are not familiar you MUST google this guy! He has shot some extremely memorable pieces that are EVERYTHING!

Below I included some of my favorite shots of his as well as the link to the article featured by ELLE Magazine about the Tiffany ad. Check out Bruce Willis in this Donna Karan Ad shot by my fav. If I could use the heart eye emoji I would use at least 10 here.





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