Winter in Los Angeles

We have had a week of lovely weather in Los Angeles so of course I was going to use this opportunity to show some legs (hoping to get some sun on these white sticks since they have been hidden the past couple weeks). Mind you, it is the middle of January and it was 78* today. Los Angeles folks.

As we know, Denim is super on trend right now. Whether it be a Jacket, shirt or of course pants, DENIM is IT! So easy and comfortable, you can dress it up or down, for both men or women.

Paired this shirt with a Black skirt, as my legs were screaming for some vitamin D!

Even though it was mid 70’s, there can be a chill in the air. I didn’t want my toes to get cold so I opted for the high top booties.

As much as I LOVE these booties, I was super disappointed when one of the “webs” that was attached to the back zipper broke off. The second time wearing them I might add.





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