Meeting Chic

Yes, it is true, I have other colors in my wardrobe other than black and grey. I just don’t usually wear lighter colors until the spring/summer season. Even in warmer months I still tend to wear a lot of black. I just can’t help it. Black is….the BEST color! Today, I had a few meetings where my usual robe of all black would not have been appropriate. So I pulled this royal blue dress that I hadn’t worn in a while. I knew this Zara jacket would match the Prada pumps I was planning on wearing and voila!  It was as easy as that! Threw all my belongings for the morning in my Bottega Veneta bag and was on my way. DSCN0747


Facetune Ted Baker London Blazer- Zara Heels- Prada Bag- Bottega Veneta

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