Knitted Duo

I have always been particular about textiles. Whether it be for the home or apparel, immediately my attention goes to the material. I look for durability, whether its something I can wash at home or have to take to the cleaners and if the fabric is scratchy/itchy. Further more, a style or pattern can make or break an item and the details make a difference.

Well, a few months ago, I was shopping in Target and I found this amazing top and skirt. The knitted duo would be perfect for the winter and spring months so I had to get it!


Side note from the great ensemble*

This is the very first Chanel bag I ever purchased 7 Years ago. Years later and with tons of use, the leather has only became more luxurious! Money well spent!


photo-2 copy

I absolutely love this outfit because its comfortable to wear, super cute and machine washable! Yay!


Top and Skirt- Mossimo for Target

Coat- Nordstrom

Heels-Jimmy Choo

Bag- Chanel

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