Cold Weather Jacket

LA doesn’t get many cold days, but when we do, I take advantage by wearing stylish jackets. Even though its cold, I keep things fashionable and fun because that’s what fashion is about!

I love what A.L.C did with this jacket. It’s a classic style with a modern edgy look! Leather sleeves accent the navy blue wool. Perfection!



Oh, and this bag…

The Veloures woven leather in maroon with crushed velvet. Saying it just sounds sumptuous and it is exactly that. The warm maroon color makes it perfect for the darker days of winter while the subtle leather makes it easy to snuggle up to.DSC_0021

Jacket- A.L.C @ Neiman Marcus

Denim- Joes Jeans

Bag- Bottega Veneta

Flats- Pada

Sunnies- Saint Laurent

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