Packing Light

When I fly somewhere for a short trip, I only pack what will fit in a carry on suitcase. Being the impatient person that I am, I can’t be bothered with waiting around the baggage claim after being crammed in a plane for however many hours. I just want to make my exit, get to the hotel and get a cocktail!

This past week I had a quick get away to the busy city of NYC. I checked the weather in advance and saw a perfect forecast of 77*-80*.

In order to conserve on space I plan my outfits prior to packing. I do this so that I don’t take unnecessary items. I pick a few main pieces and style them differently to achieve various looks. It saves space as well as makes getting dressed much easier.

Check out the key pieces I styled differently.










Sweater with Silk print back – Ted Baker

White Denim- Rich and Skinny

Tank tops – Target

Pink skirt- BCBG

Scarf- Hermes

Photos thanks to one of the Best photographers in New York City –

Ig- Russ_NYC

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