Summer essentials from Camp Gorgeous

Every year Neiman Marcus has their annual beauty event called Camp Gorgeous. This entails extra incentives from the beauty brands as well as a gift with purchase from the store.

I was running low on a few products and being the smart consumer that I am, I HAD to take advantage of this time to restock and claim my free gifts.

I picked up my summer essentials from my favorite skincare line Kate Somerville. I’ve tried several different brands and this is definitely one of the best! The creator is an esthetician herself, so she really has an understanding of what good skincare means and as we know, a good skin regime is essential.

I use different products depending on whether its day or night, summer or winter. Pictured here, I have my morning/daytime items. Our skin changes with the seasons and that’s why its smart to switch up your products accordingly.


After a thorough wash, I spritz my face and neck with the Firming mist pictured below. I then use a KS serum (not pictured) and then the Nourish Moisturizer.


I do this all in preparation to apply my Kate CC and under eye concealing creams.


This CC cream is so good I never wear foundation anymore during the day. These creams are formulated to cover dark spots and discoloration. It brightens skin tone as well as protects it from harmful rays with SPF 50. You get the dewy flawless look that we all want to achieve.

I usually don’t breakout because I take all precautions to take care of my skin, but on occasion I have hormonal breakouts. My Kate facialist at Neiman’s told me this would come in handy for those times. So I decided to try it. I will give you my review in a couple months.


Now, as for why I like claiming my free gifts you ask? My sales rep William in Beverly Hills knows I am a big Kate supporter and he also knows I admire customer appreciation. So he makes sure to set aside the Extra KS gift set that is given to repeat customers as well as schedules me for my routine mini facial with the esthetician I love.


Neimans provides a free Tote bag (gift with purchase) filled with samples during the beauty event. I usually rummage through the samples and depending on what the bag looks like, I either give away or keep it.

Of course some bags are better than others, but either way, I still like to get one.


Heres the packaging in case you were wondering. Clean and simple. I like that.


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