Style Consulting

DSCN2075 - Version 2

This lunch time look was worn previously over the weekend, but I got so many compliments on it that I decided to wear it again!

In life we all have strengths and weakness. I can confidently say that fashion, styling and personal shopping is definitely one of my strengths. I have a keen eye for style/design, I am always on trend while keeping it classy.

When it comes to fashion or outfit choices, I have become the go-to person for my friends and family. I am humbled that they have confidence with my fashion esthetic and consulting.

Recently, my girlfriend needed a dress for a wedding she was attending. She reached out to me for help and we briefly discussed what she was looking for. I picked out a few options and in a short amount of time we found the one! She loved it, I loved it and it worked out perfect for the occasion.

Going back to this look shown here; I wore it over the weekend in Malibu. Several different women approached me with admiration. Two of them in particular began chatting with me about summer style. Before we knew it, twenty minutes had passed and the conversation ended with one of the women asking if I would be willing to help with her wardrobe collection! I was beyond flattered and filled with excitement! Nothing is more fun then making people feel good about themselves while giving them the look they need for a desired lifestyle.

I would like to offer any advice or help to my amazing followers. If you have any questions or concerns, comment below and I would LOVE to be of assistance!




DSCN2075 - Version 2

3 thoughts on “Style Consulting

  1. beautiful! the lilac and white is so gorgeous together 🙂
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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