Splurge Items


Splurge items. We are all guilty of over spending on something and I am definitely not innocent in that department!

I purchase things that are somewhat versatile and will stand the test of time. I also take extremely good care of my belongings so if I spend the money, I get good use out of them.

Either way, this look here showcases just that! Two splurge items that I could NOT pass up!

A tuxedo shirt dress by the amazing design house Alexander Mcqueen. I discovered this beautiful piece when I stumbled into the store after a coffee break. Lets just blame the coffee shop for being in walking distance to the store.

Second, these Python leather Christian Louboutin, (Give me a moment while I stop drooling…) Back to what I was saying, I came across these while visiting my girlfriend in Miami. She dragged me into a Neiman Marcus to return a shirt for her boyfriend and that’s when I laid eyes on them. It was pretty much a done deal when I remembered that I would NEVER be able to find these in California because the state doesn’t allow the sale of certain leathers. That being said, we can blame her for making me walk through the shoe department when it was nowhere near the menswear.





WO1A4659 - Version 2



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