Visit to The Broad



The Broad Museum opened in late September featuring contemporary art from the likes of Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons and Roy Lichtenstein and for a limited time the Infinity Mirrored Room by Yayoi Kusama is available for viewing.

I had been dying to visit, but hadn’t made my way there.

While planning a girls weekend with my friend from out of town, we decided to check it out. She had been longing to view the Infinity room since it was in New York so it was a must see on this trip.

Admission is free so I went online to get tickets and found that they are booked until April. I couldn’t believe it!

Any time things like this arise I usually rely on Yelp and/or Trip Advisor for tips and tricks.

All the reviews were great with one thing in common, the general admission wait time could be several hours.

We arrived prior to opening only to find a long queue that already wrapped around the building. It took almost two hours to get inside. Once inside we were faced with another long line to view the Infinity Room. We waited about 10 minutes and were met with an employee holding an I-pad which he was using to check people in. We put in our name and number as they send a text when it is your turn. He then proceeded to tell us that our check in time was 7pm. Mind you, it was 11 am when we checked in with him. A bit bewildered by the long time frame, we asked what people do in the mean time. He stated most people tour the facility, leave and later return when it is their call time.

That is what we did, hence the change of clothes in the Light Room snap shots.








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