Pet Lifestyle Boutique


Prince and I were asked to be in a photoshoot for the Pussy and Pooch website and we couldn’t be more delighted!

We had an early call time, but since Papasitó and I are early risers, we were one of the first ones there and  were able to wrap the shoot fairly quickly. (I mean, we both know how to turn it on in front of the camera! Haha)

I was a total stage mom and couldn’t have been more proud of my boy for always delivering the cutest pom faces!








5 thoughts on “Pet Lifestyle Boutique

  1. Awww.., I love this post Tee. Prince is so furry and cute and he is a natural in front of the camera just like you!
    I just love the pomeranian, they are the best furry family we could ask for. I miss my Holly, she’s my ex boyfriend’s pom and I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures of us previously.

    Vivienne X


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